Yep, Turnbull Legit ‘Malsplained’ Double Dissolution To Leigh Sales On 7:30

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appeared on ABC‘s 7:30 with Leigh Sales tonight, and goddamn it – if you don’t like hot, hot fi-yah, THEN YOU BEST CLICK THAT RED ‘x’ TO CLOSE THIS ARTICLE IMMEDIATELY. 
Sales went in hot, essentially asking if a double dissolution election in May, which Turnbull announced today, is worth it regarding the ABCC
She also went in hard on Turnz over negative gearing, whether any policy has changed at all since the booting of Tony Abbott, and why on earth Treasurer Scott Morrison didn’t know about the change of date for the Federal Budget announcement.
The conversation was heated, and got hotter and hotter until it erupted like Mt. Vesuvius. The looks between the political reporter and the Prime Minister could have absolutely burned someone as badly as molten lava. 
But the part that everyone’s really losing their mind over the PM bizarrely and condescendingly explaining to a political reporter at the top of her field how the Senate and the House of Representatives works, what a double dissolution is, and ‘what the media does’. 
And so obviously, the Internet has also delightfully coined the term, ‘Malsplaining’
See below:

This beautiful little exchange was also one of our fave moments:
PM Malc: “Your enthusiasm for putting words in my mouth is commendable.”

Bad bitch Leigh Sales: “I just like clarity.”
If you’d like to watch the full fiery interview, you can do that below:

Source: Twitter
Photo: ABC 7:30.