9 Things That Hit Way Too Close To Home For Recent High School Grads

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Congrats. You did it. You survived the sickening chaos that is year 12, and regardless of whatever the outcome was, you can finally rest easy knowing all of that stuff is behind you.

Yep, it’s not easy navigating the perils of your final year. I saw strong and confident young adults emotionally crumble under the pressure of their parents, teachers and themselves. And then when results were released, all of it kinda didn’t matter.

Sure, people who had their hard work validated with an appropriate mark were over the moon. They were accepted into the places they wanted to go, but most inevitably ended up jumping courses because they’d chosen a path they weren’t really vested in.

For those who landed on the lower side of things, everything played out mostly the same way. There was a bit more legwork involved in getting to where they needed to go, but most people I graduated high school with ending up finishing uni around the same time.

If it hasn’t happened already, then take pleasure in knowing that you’re soon going to look back on year 12 and laugh. Like, laugh a lot. Everything’s going to work out, folks. So do yourself a solid and have a lol at the crap all of us endured for no apparent reason.

1. Getting 19/20 on your essay and still feeling like you’ve failed harder than Liam Payne’s solo career.

2. Feeling like you’re going to have a rage blackout if your mum asks “do you feel prepared?” one more time before an exam.

3. Hating your friend who “did alright” on an assignment even though their mark was twice as good as your own.

4. Having a ‘my life is over’ moment/panic attack when you lose a semester’s worth of notes from a rogue computer crash.

5. Realising that Word auto-saves your stuff because it’s 2017 and the last five minutes of sobbing was completely unnecessary.

6. Then sobbing again because Word’s unpredictable formatting keeps screwing with your delicately created layout.

7. Feeling like egging a teacher’s car because you believe that they have a personal vendetta against you.

8. Losing countless night’s worth of sleep dealing with the anxiety of having to map out your entire career’s direction before reaching the level of maturity needed to make such a decision.

9. Then losing even more sleep wondering if you’ve made the right choice after you’ve submitted your uni preferences.

While most of the above points are probably not that relatable anymore, there’s a decent chance you might still be experiencing that last point. AND FAIR ENOUGH. Figuring out what you might potentially do for the rest of your life is something you probably should lose sleep over.

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