Yassmin Abdel-Magied Responds To The BS That Pushed Her Out Of Australia

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, the ludicrously accomplished engineer, campaigner, and media personality all-but forced out of Australia by a relentless media campaign, has issued her first full statement after revealing she’d be leaving the country.

Well, more accurately, she’s released a statement regarding the insane public rhetoric about that decision – including that 7 News Facebook poll, which asked users if they’re stoked on her imminent departure.
In a new preface to a Guardian Australia essay on her experiences as a female Muslim activist, Abdel-Magied writes “given that I am now the most publicly hated Muslim in Australia, people have been asking me how I am.”

“What do I say? That life has been great and I can’t wait to start my new adventure in London? That I’ve been overwhelmed with messages of support? Or do I tell them that it’s been thoroughly rubbish?”
Referencing Australian conservative media’s preoccupation with scathing articles about her in the light of her ANZAC Day Facebook post, Abdel-Magied writes “almost 90,000 twisted words” have been printed about her.

Aw you guys! I’m really, truly going to miss this paper’s balanced, fair and sensical reporting. ????

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Touching on the way she’s been discussed in parliament, and the even more brutal way she’s been talked about on social media, Abdel-Magied asks herself whether she should admit “I get death threats on a daily basis, and I have to reassure my parents that I will be fine, when maybe I won’t be?”
It’s not even death threats, either – she reveals “I’ve been sent videos of beheadings, slayings and rapes from people suggesting the same should happen to me.”
Regarding her viewpoints, Abdel-Magied writes that “whether or not one agrees with me isn’t really the point. The reality is the visceral nature of the fury… is more about who I am than about what is said.”

And that’s just the preamble to the full piece, which remains a pretty harrowing description of life as an outspoken activist. Check it out HERE.