Y’all Couldn’t Stop Ragging On The NBN During The Facebook Leader Debate

So, we just had the third and final leader debate before Aussies head to the polls on July 2, and the participants even had the decency to do it on the most public of platforms – through Facebook itself. 

Yep, separated by Joe Hildebrand, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten traded their views to a small audience at FBHQ in Sydney, and a much, much larger one nationwide. 

Of course, while the dynamic duo hit upon a slew of topics that have been occupying the zeitgeist – penalty rates, the same-sex marriage plebiscite, and a brief mention of negative gearing – there was one particularly apt topic on display: The NBN. 

Oh yes, that veritable information super-highway that was promised to us was a matter of particular contention on the evening, considering people were having trouble even watching the bloody debate. 

Among a staggering 30,000 comments nailed to the live stream, a considerable number used the irony of the occasion to really hammer their points home:
Although Labor’s zinger-in-chief was nestled pretty cozily on-stage, his crew still managed to unleash this on the comment section:

In terms of what each leader said on the matter during the debate, Turnbull reiterated that the Coalition’s plan was rock solid. Shorten contested that Australia needs more future-proof technology than copper, especially in regional areas. 

Oh, and he asked viewers to “press like” if they wanted fibre. Sneaky.

Nothing ground-breaking, really. But good lord, the pair really served up a primo opportunity for punters to have a yap about it – they may as well have debated about highways on a dirt road out the back of whoop whoop. 

Source and photo: news.com.au / Facebook.