Wyatt Roy Appears To Be In The Middle Of A Deeply Spiritual Gap Year

After Wyatt Roy‘s fun little jaunt to Iraqi Kurdistan, which has never quite been fully explained outside of the fact he wasn’t thrilled enough by the prospect of a Contiki tour to Cambodia, the bloke’s fallen off the radar a bit. The former MP said that he was going to a number of countries he’d always wanted to visit, but couldn’t because he was elected to Parliament at the tender age of 8.

But contested regions of the Middle East weren’t the only destination on Roy’s spiritual journey of self-actualisation and discovery. His Facebook seems to show someone who is having a cheeky gap year – the only difference being that Wyatt was a Member of Parliament with his hands firmly on the lever of power. Seriously, tell me these aren’t posts from your idiot mate Dylan who vanished at some point and started posting cheeky snaps of himself on ayahuasca trips to the ‘gram.
He’s currently shredding his way across South America on a motorbike.
My main man Wyatt looks like he read a couple of Jack Kerouac books and is ready to carve out his destiny on the open road. Wyatt looks like he’s on the run from a past he can never escape and sins for which he can never quite atone. My dude Wyatt here looks like the one bloke on a Topdeck tour who keeps asking the guide where the hottest local chicks are.
I ran an entirely scientific poll on Twitter attempting to determine where Wyatt’s journey will lead him, and the results are shocking.
Go forth, my son. Go forth into the Great Blue Yonder.
Source: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.