‘World’s Saddest Polar Bear’ Passes Away In Argentina Zoo At Age 30

Cecil the Lion, Harambe the Gorilla, that jaguar that was killed at the Olympic torch even in Rio – and now Arturo the Polar Bear. All noble animals taken before their time through no fault of their own.
Arturo was a 30 year old polar bear who was dubbed the saddest bear in the world after apparently experiencing some pretty hectic depression when his partner died of cancer in 2012.
There’s also a chance he was having a hard time thanks to the fact that polar bears are traditionally creatures of the Arctic and the temperatures at the Mendoza Zoo could get as high as 30 degrees celsius.
The poor guy was struggling in his old age, losing his sense of smell and his eyesight, and reportedly passed away due to a “blood circulation imbalance”.
There was a petition circulated in 2014 to have him re-located to Canada‘s more suitable climate but his handlers reckon he was too old to survive the trip.
RIP Arturo 🙁

Source: The Telegraph.

Photo: Twitter / Ginachron.