World Record Litter Of Dalmatian Pupperinos Deserve All The Belly Scratches

Last month, a breeder in Ballarat quietly celebrated the birth of a world record dalmatian litter, and the largest in Oz history.

Sarasota From Russia With Love (that is not a joke, that is what they actually named her) aka Miley gave birth to 18, yes, 18 tiny angel puppers on May 18 (what a coinky-dink). 
It’s Miley’s first litter, as well as for the father of the spotty bebs, Astro Wonder Boy (also not a joke). 
An average dalmatian litter is only about eight or nine pups, but Miley had 12 girls and six boys – and one of the girls even has a love heart patch. 
The breeder kept this bona fide miracle on the down low for six weeks, just in case, while the pups were hand-reared by the team at CCDalmatians, being fed every four hours. They went for their very first check-up and vaccinations last night at Ballarat Veterinary Practice
The vets couldn’t help but share the news with the world on Facey:

Cecilia Langton-Bunker from CCDalmatians said: 
The litter has been very inspirational to watch growing up and a great credit goes to Jade Martin, a midwife who has nurtured the puppies.”
All 18 puppies are thriving and are credit to the parents and CCDalmatians.” 
The 18 very good doggos are actually tying for the world record with another litter of 18, born in Leicestershire in the UK in 2009 to mama doggo Button
Look at them with their mama when they were first borned!
I’m gonna go watch the 1996 live-action ‘101 Dalmatians‘ now, in honour of Sarasota From Russia With Love and Astro Wonder Boy’s monumental achievement. 

Source: The Courier
Photos: Facebook / CCDalmatians.