Work Sucks, So Make Dumb Memes W/ This Iconic 80s Text Generator Instead

Look, it’s 2pm. You’re either just back from lunch and really food coma-ish, or panicking because you didn’t realise the time and haven’t had a single minute in your busy, busy schedule to even think about getting lunch. 
But chill, shhh. It’s going to be okay. 
Take a quick sec out of your busy/boring day, and immerse yourself in the gorgeous wonder that is this Photofunia ‘Retro Wave’ 80s text generator. It is truly goddamn wonderful.
Everything looks like Marty McFly just said it! Miami Vice is the best! When is Duran Duran‘s new album out?! My hair is hairsprayed to the heavens, but it still ain’t high enough!
Naturally, the internet is fucking losing it (in a similar way it did when the ‘Stranger Things’ font generator was released):

So, yeah. You get the gist, right? Right. 
The generator is here, fam:

Source/Photo: Photofunia.