Woolies Is Recalling Pies Because They May Or May Not Have Glass In Them

Good news for people who like bad news. Your awesome cheap pie dinner might have to be put on hold for the night.

Woolworths has issued a recall on a line of pies due to fears that they may potentially have glass in them.
The recall only applies to the Woolies brand Chicken & Vegetable pie 4-packs that have an expiry date that ranges up to October 9th and 10th in 2016. The company has fears the potentially contaminated pies have been on sale in stores since April 14th.
The company issued a statement a short time ago, advising customers of the recall.

“Woolworths is recalling this product as it may contain glass and may pose a health risk if consumed. Consumers should return the product to their nearest Woolworths or Safeway Supermarket for a full refund.”

Woolies confirmed that no other products or pie variations are affected in the recall – so you can still feel free to go grab a pack of Sargent’s and bung one or two into the hot box tonight to help warm up this dreary, dreary winter’s day.

Those of you who have bought the recalled pies and have consumed them are asked to keep an eye out for any potential adverse health symptoms. If they present, Woolies urges you to contact your Doctor and seek medical advice.
And if you do happen to have some in the freezer and have not, as of yet, consumed them – do not feel tempted to eat one just to prove a point.
Particularly if you’re at a press conference.
And particularly if you’re an animated TV clown.

via SMH.