In case you’ve been out of the country and are right now sitting on the tarmac, reading this on your phone, you’ve probably heard about a little dude called Brok Neilsen, who saw the ‘girl of his dreams’ in the Woolworths produce section and launched a viral campaign to meet her.

Woolies Dude’s Viral Campaign Works, Obtains Contact Deets Of ‘Dream Girl’

We’ve already made our feelings fairly clear on this topic, but (most of) Australia got behind Brok’s back, sharing the Facebook post hundreds upon thousands of times and sending #HopeForBrok.

Well, good news for the 99% of you: according to his friend Blake Nicholls – the one who originally posted the photo – Brok is one step to meeting his dream girl IRL.

Blake told ninemsn that Brok met up with a friend of the girl in the QLD supermarket, and they’ve now swapped contact details. 

“It went all good, we’ve swapped details now so she definitely knows about it,” Blake told ninemsn. “Now we’re just waiting to hear from the mystery brunette herself.” 

Mystery girl’s friend – who was doing recon work to ensure Brok wasn’t a creep – brought along a picture of mystery girl standing in the same place she’d first locked eyes with Brok he’d snapped a picture of her from behind.

We know many of you will disagree with us on this, but mystery brunette girl? Fkn run.

Source: Ninemsn.

Photo: Facebook / Woolworths.