Oh no. Oh NO. A man who purchased a delicious Woolworths roast chook found the poor thing still had its head attached, and the pics are enough to turn you vegetarian.

Tasmanian man Andrew Lindner shared photos of the definitely not-headless chook on Facebook.

“So is this a new thing?” he said. “#woolworths #chicken with the head still attached?”

It is certainly not a thing – and fair warning, this pic is a bit gruesome if you’re vegetarian, vegan, or simply not used to seeing dead animals in a non-Western-meat kind of way.

Woolworths chicken
Would you still eat it though Y/N. Photo: Andrew Linder / Facebook.

Linder didn’t respond to a DM from PEDESTRIAN.TV, but did suggest on Facebook that it had been a traumatic experience to open the Woolies bag and find the head still attached.

“Was thinking maybe it’s like the Golden Ticket equivalent for chooks?” he said in a Facebook comment.

“Winning a chook a week for a lifetime. Makes up for the trauma. Although the chook suffered more trauma.”

Sure did, Andrew.

That being said, chicken heads are something of a delicacy in parts of Asia, Africa and South America. You crack open the head and slurp out the brains, which are apparently quite creamy, not unlike a lumpy tofu.

If Andrew had a more adventurous palate, he might have scored a deal here. However, he does not, and instead might just score a refund instead.

A Woolies spokesperson told 7News.com.au that this incident was “clearly unacceptable” and they would be investigating.

“We pride ourselves on providing high-quality roast chickens to our customers and we regret that this customer received one well below our usual standards,” the spokesperson said.

“It is clearly unacceptable and we are following up with our chicken supply partners and with our in-store team to understand how this happened.”

Woolies said it has contacted Andrew and offered a full apology, as well as a refund “in recognition of the roast chicken they received”.

It does appear to be an isolated incident, if you’re either a) hoping to score a chicken head bargain or b) hoping to avoid any chicken head-related trauma.

“We’re unaware of any complaints of a similar nature on our roast chickens at this time,” the spokesperson said.


Image: Facebook / Andrew Lindner