The Woman Who Was Punched By A Sydney Man Has Hit Back At The Judge’s Comments On Her Outfit

Knox man punches woman Sydney

The woman who was punched in the face by a Sydney man has said she’s disappointed that the judge, who dismissed the conviction, commented on her outfit.

Nicholas Drummond, who pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman and a bystander in Sydney last year, has had his convictions erased and been placed on a behaviour bond.

The New South Wales district court was told Drummond called the woman a “slut” and told her to put her “tits away”. They ran into each other again later that night, where he punched a man, and then the woman, when she approached him again.

Drummond, who is a junior soccer coach, pleaded guilty to assault, but was worried a conviction could affect his working with children check. His barrister argued Drummond had a difficult year, including having to deal with the death of the family dog.

“A lewd and completely inappropriate remark towards someone he didn’t know but whose dress might have been perceived by a former student of Knox to be provocative” Judge Robert Sutherland said before deeming convictions as not “necessary” in the circumstances.

The mention of the woman’s dress in Sutherland’s comments has left the woman feeling “disappointed”.

“I’m extremely disappointed with the judge’s comment as I feel that what I was wearing shouldn’t have even been commented on,” the woman told Daily Mail Australia.

“It made me feel as if his actions were almost justified.”

woman punched Knox Grammar
Image: Instagram @chanelc

“I didn’t consider a long sleeve top and shorts provocative. I went to a private school myself and none of my friends seem to be so offended by what I was wearing,” she said.

“It’s a shame. I thought we were definitely progressing in society and women were being heard but clearly not.”

Consent education activist Chanel Contos shared an image of what she says the woman was wearing the night she was assaulted, and has publicly criticised Drummond’s lack of conviction.

“People need to keep being reminded of the injustices that are happening in our court system and the violence men are perpetrating every day,” she said.

“It tells us that privilege and entitlement are not only the reason gender-based violence occurs but also why no accountability is held.

“Could we expect the same result if that was a 20-year-old from a low socio-economic status who didn’t have Nicholas’s barrister?”

I highly doubt it.

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