Woman Discovers Her Coles Packaged Lettuce Came W/ A Tiny Little Frog Mate

The most richly rewarding vein of news that exists is absolutely stories about people finding various examples of Australian fauna in their pre-packaged supermarket salad bags. We are all waiting for the inevitable conclusion: an entire, coiled up taipan concealed in a bag of Woolies roquette. It’ll happen.

But for now, we have to make do with this one. A tiny-ass frog in a bag of Coles lettuce. The woman who posted it, Linda Latinaa, seems very mad about this little creach, referring to the recent E. coli outbreak in packaged lettuce. In my opinion this is extra protein and you should just cop it.
“As I was washing my lettuce earlier for dinner, I noticed at the bottom of my strainer there was a frog, I was a little shocked, concerned that the frog was dead,” she writes.
“To my surprise the frog was alive as per the video attached.”
My take? If they just add ‘maybe with frogs and assorted bugs’ on the packaging, they can avoid this kind of mishap in the future. Then, intrepid consumers will consider it a kind of bonus. This is why I don’t work in marketing.
In the meantime, watch this classic video of a frog screaming:
Source: Facebook.