Queensland Woman Dies After Choking On Lamington During Eating Contest

A Queensland woman has died after choking on a lamington during an eating contest.

Queensland Ambulance Service confirmed that the 60-year-old, who was taking part in the all-you-can-eat competition held at Beach House Hotel in Hervey Bay, had a seizure at 2pm while eating the lamington, subsequently causing her to choke.

The pub performed CPR on the woman before ambulance arrived.

Beach House Hotel’s advertisement for the event.


“Sadly a lady died during the lamington eating competition….very sad day,” a pub-goer wrote on Facebook. “The pub was very quick to respond with CPR, and the ambulance rocked up working on her for over half a hour, it didn’t look good.”

The woman was eventually transported to Hervey Bay Hospital, where she passed away.

The Beach House Hotel has not yet released a statement regarding the incident.