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Happy International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia, everyone! 

Today is a day to acknowledge the abuse, oppression and maltreatment of the LGBTQIA community go through daily, and hoooooooo boyVictorian Premier Daniel Andrews has done just that. 

In celebration of IDAHOBiT, he’s gone ahead and shared some of the most heinous homophobic emails he’s received exclusively with PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Keep in mind especially that Andrews himself doesn’t identify within the LGBTQIA acronym, but he is a passionate and outspoken ally for the community. 

He’s helping to create a safe and supportive environment for people who are regularly othered, disenfranchised, and… what else? OH RIGHT, beaten and killed

The Premier said this to P.TV:

“If this is what these people are prepared to say to a Premier, I shudder to think what they would say to young people who are hurting no one and who are just trying to be themselves.

Homophobia, prejudice and hate still exist in every country in the world and we have to call it out wherever we see it. 

These emails and letters serve only to remind us exactly why we need law reform, leadership and programs like Safe Schools.”

So, without further ado – please recoil in horror and/or laugh at the morons who use their spare time to fill a state premier’s inbox with bigotry.

And we’re offended by your spelling mate, but we don’t oppress you.  

Can’t write a volatile, uninformed conservative complaint without a healthy dose of Islamophobia too, right?


That’s because it is normal, you absolute numpty. 

Most ‘regretable’ indeeeeeeeed.

We’re more baffled by this person’s lack of commitment to font size.

“We heteros don’t go dancing!” 

Well you do, but most of you are fucking awful at it. 

 Having a dick up the bum can be pretty fun, actually. 

You should remove that stick that’s firmly up there and try it.

Yo, have you eaten shellfish? Own clothes with mixed fabrics? 

Then you best not start quoting Leviticus at me, son.

 Btw, that commandment actually doesn’t say 

‘Love thy neighbour as yourself (UNLESS THEY’RE QUEER)’.

Yes, prejudice over hair colour and violent homophobia are the same thing. 

Totally, 100% the same.

Yeah, isn’t it SO WEIRD that LGBTQIA people have higher suicide rates? 


Lost all faith in life? Same. 

But don’t stress, Daniel Andrews doesn’t let these people get to him, and nor should you. Here’s the Premier’s final word of advice – bigotry will not be tolerated:

“My message to these haters is clear: equality is not negotiable in Victoria.  

Every Victorian should feel safe, valued and respected for being exactly who they are.”

Ahhh bless ya, Andrews. Victoria, you got a good one there. 

Photos: Office of Daniel Andrews.