At Least Six People Have Been Killed After Extreme Winds Batter Europe

Six people are dead in The Netherlands and Germany after powerful storm winds pummelled Western Europe, toppling trees, blowing trucks off the road and causing the cancellation of hundreds of flights.

Wind gusts of up to 140 kph were recorded along the coast of the Netherlands. As well as flight cancellations, many rail, tram and bus services also had to be cancelled, as the winds were literally blowing vehicles off the roads and tracks.

Police in the Netherlands say three people were killed by falling trees or debris in seperate incidents. In Germany, a 59-year-old man was killed by a falling tree, and a 68-year-old truck driver was killed in a storm-related accident. A 28-year-old fireman was killed when a tree toppled on him while he was trying to save a woman’s life.

Footage from the ground is pretty intense:

Many people have been left without power, and hundreds of storm and wind related injuries have been reported. We’ll keep you posted.