WIN: A Year’s Worth Of Local Supply Sunnies That’ll Go With Legit Everything

Summer is here, and we hate to sound like your mum, but when the sun is out you need to protect your precious eyes. That’s why some genius invented sunglasses, and whoever they are we salute them.

deal with it, fuckos

Lucky for you and your peepers, to celebrate the upcoming launch of our new site PEZ we’re giving away an epic prize each day as part of our 12 Days of PEZmas competition. Today’s jackpot? A year’s worth of sunnies from our m8s at Local Supply.

That’s 12 pairs of super-stylish (and protective!) sunglasses, so even if you’re one of those goobers who loses their sunnies on the regular, you’ll never be without again. Unless you lose all 12 pairs, and then we can’t help you and also try to be more careful, seriously.

To enter, all you need to do is head HERE and answer a very easy question. And for more FREE STUFF, make sure you check the PEZ Facebook page daily to see what we’re giving away.

Today’s prize includes all of Local Supply’s signature styles including City, Coast, Freeway, Everyday, Station, Island and Avenue. Their designs deconstruct iconic silhouettes, rebuilding them with lightweight frames, spring hinges and polarised lenses. The result? Premium quality sunglasses.

And they just look really freakin’ good:

you, too, could be this attractive. Credit: Local Supply

Best of luck, o stylish ones.

Terms and conditions can be found right HERE.