PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with SodaStream to help raise awareness of Australia‘s pretty cooked plastic bottle pollution. To get the message out there / scare us into teetering submission, they’ve brought in the big-guns. GoT‘s The Mountain (AKA Thor Bjornson) feels as strongly about keeping our environment in good nick as the Lannister‘s are hung up on paying their flippin’ debts. Keep reading to find out how you and a mate could win a dinner with the legend before heading to SodaStream’s website HERE for more info.

Thor Bjornson is, y’know, a pretty strong dude.

WIN: A Dinner Fit For A Lannister With You + A Mate + GoT’s ‘The Mountain’

He’s also visiting our shores with a v important message – raising global awareness of plastic bottle wastage (we know right, WHO WOULD’A THUNK IT?!).

Australian households use a massive 3.13 billion cans and plastic bottles per year – a pretty crook statistic when you think about it. 

Initiatives like the Container Deposit Scheme (which has just been passed in NSW) will encourage people to recycle discarded plastic bottles in return for 10c. It’s a nifty way to combat the issue, right? Another way to fight this issue is, as Bjornson’s advocating, by using SodaStream

One SodaStream bottle can save the average family from throwing out over 2,000 bottles ‘n cans into landfill, reducing your carbon footprint in the process (For more information on how SodaStream’s making a difference, head to their website HERE, get amongst them on Facebook HERE or by using the handle @SodaStreamau on Instagram / Twitter). 

To celebrate Australia’s steps in the right direction, SodaStream’s giving away the chance for one Sydney-sider and their mate to have the chance to chow-down with Thor Bjornson in the private dining room at Justin Hemmes’ latest restaurant, The Paddington. All you gots to do is tell us (in 25 words or less) “What do you reckon ‘The Mountain’ will order at dinner?”:


WIN: A Dinner Fit For A Lannister With You + A Mate + GoT’s ‘The Mountain’

tfw you litter in front of The Mountain.

Photo: Game of Thrones.