PSA: You Could Go Into The Running To Win $10K Worth Of Rebel Gear Just For Buying Some Socks

You never regret exercise. It’s so rewarding – you feel accomplished, your body gets flooded with feel-good endorphins, and it literally boosts your mood.

We know that. We know, logically, that those feelings will follow, but sometimes it’s still so hard to get motivated. Whether you’ve had a big day at work, it’s raining outside or you’re just feeling sluggish, there are always reasons that make it all too easy to skip a workout.

Lucky for you, rebel is trying to make life easier by getting rid of some of those reasons. Right now, the fitness retailer is slinging 200,000 rebel Active points (which are worth a whopping $10K) one lucky punter’s way to spend in-store. That means you could stock up on stacks of gear to make being more active a reality. Don’t have a comfy enough sports bra for cardio right now? You’re sorted. Desperate for a smartwatch to track your activity? You could nab that too. Sick of the weather raining on your parade morning walk? You could buy your very own treadmill. You could probs get a whole home gym going with that much cash (in loyalty points) to spend.

All you have to do to throw your hat in the ring for the 200,000 points is be a rebel Active member and buy something from Nike, Adidas, asics, Under Armour, Celsius or Ell&Voo in-store or online at rebel from now until November 19. BRB, running over immediately.

Plus, if you chuck rebel a follow on Instagram, you’ll see there are more weekly giveaways popping up. So, even if you don’t win the big one, you still might be able to nab some goodies in-store.

If you’re not already part of rebel’s Active Loyalty program, it has even more rewards on offer. Once members join, they can earn points when they shop and get member prices, exclusive offers, VIP experiences, early access to sales and more. How’s that for extra motivation to help fuel your workouts?

T&Cs apply, so you can suss those bad boys out over here. Otherwise, good luck, and happy workin’ out!

Image: Run Fatboy Run