I don’t think there’s ever a time in life when I’d say no to anything resembling free money. Seriously though, if someone was like ‘here’s 100 buckerinos’ as if you would ever refuse it.

For me, that same principle applies to answering a few easy questions in return for a chance to win one of five $100 Visa Gift Cards. Which is exactly what you can do below.

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Visa Gift Cards can just about be used everywhere, btw – online, over the phone and in most stores and restaurants around Australia. Oh, and also some places in the U.S. where they accept Visa. JUST SAYING that’s basically a free hundy to do whatever the heck you want with.


Personally, I’d probably go buy a super fancy meal, maybe even bring someone along and shout them – I can be generous SOMETIMES. Or maybe some head-turning piece of fashion. Then again, a new carry-on suitcase is defs in order.

Anyway, you get it – answer the questions, hope for the best, prepare to spend $100. As if you wouldn’t!

Image: The Simpsons