Yesterday, Will Connolly, a.k.a. Egg Boy, shared several concerning posts where he questioned the validity of COVID tests.

Connolly, who you’ll remember as the teen who egged Fraser Anning in 2019 and subsequently became a national hero, shared debunked theories about COVID testing to his 326,000 Instagram followers, falsely claiming they don’t work and might actually be picking up the flu instead.

“Jaw dropped reading this today,” he captioned one post. “CDC (centre for disease control) found out the creator of the PCR test (nose swab) Kary Mullis who has a Nobel prize in chemistry said the same thing. His words.

What does this mean for every positive test found all around the world?”

“People have been messaging me this for almost 2 years, they turned out to be right ??? Research into Kary Mullis explanation on how the test works. Let’s have a peaceful discussion and remember.”

The post was met with widespread backlash from his followers, with many folks calling him out for sharing “dangerous” information.

He also shared this to his Instagram Story, mocking the use of face masks at the Olympics:

Noticing the backlash from his followers, Will Connolly shared an IGTV where he addressed the criticism, which he captioned:

“In response to insta post rukkas. My intention was to create understanding, discussion and clarity ! Not to upset people :))
Thank you to everyone for your messages of support. Hopefully this video trends too.”

“I don’t usually like justifying myself, but I have a big platform that I can help people with,” he began in the vid.

“I have been called a fascist, an anti-vaxxer and a COVID-denier. That’s just ridiculous.”

Will Connolly says that while he agrees that COVID exists, he does not agree with “the media’s portrayal of it.”

He goes on to defend himself against accusations that he’s an anti-vaxxer, saying: “Vaccines can save lives, for god’s sake. And I like lives, so yeah.”

“I believe that division and separation is away from unity and humanity wants to be united and it’s a step away from that and anything that’s not uniting is an illusion, or if it’s based on fear, kind of, philosophy angle.”

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