It’s very almost summer in Australia and already we’re getting into the swing of our two favourite summer pastimes: being burnt to a crisp by a ferocious and merciless sun, and getting attacked by deadly reptiles.

People will try to tell you that snakes are more afraid of us than we are of them, but they tend to neglect to mention that the fuckers have a mouthful of huge nasty sharp fangs that are full of venom and, in the summer, are hopped up full of hot blood and just waiting to murder the nearest unsuspecting human.

Most of us manage to get by without ever being bit by an horrible serpent, but one extremely unfortunate bastard in Capella in central Queensland managed to have two run-ins with the slithery assholes over the weekend, both of which required him to be airlifted to hospital.

The 18-year-old was bitten on the leg in a paddock on Friday by a snake he could only describe as “brown coloured” while clearing some scrub on a property, after being choppered to hospital and subsequently released, he returned to work clearing the property on Sunday, where he was this time bitten on the arm and again taken by a rescue chopper to hospital in Mackay.

The man could not confirm whether this was maybe just one particularly vindictive snake who really had it out for him, according to a crewmen from the RACQ chopper:

“This incredibly unlucky fellow wasn’t very talkative as he was in great deal pain when we arrived at the hospital today.

“He did tell us this time the snakebite happened at the opposite end of the same paddock he was working in when he was bitten on Friday.”

No word on whether he returned to work in the same paddock again today but I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t.

Source: Brisbane Times.