Wil Anderson Scalps The Tele Over Its Waleed Listicle In 6 Easy Steps

Wil Anderson‘s just walkin’ round the place, dishing out red-hot burns to The Daily Telegraph after its very poorly-engineered slapdown of Waleed Aly.
If you missed our earlier story, troll journo Victoria Hannaford has copped a whole lot heat for writing ‘Six Reasons Why Waleed Aly Should Not Win Gold’. Gold as in a Gold Logie

Among those reasons were the fact he’s not an active user of Twitter or Instagram, apparently otherwise known as not giving a shit about his audience. 

*eyerolls for all eternity*
In short, it was an unnecessary / Xenophobic / factually incorrect piece that no one was smarter for reading.

A bunch of Waleed’s industry pals jumped to his defence, including Wil – he tweeted this doozy earlier today.

Still not done ripping in, he then posted a beautifully detailed listicle countering each and every one of the Tele’s points to his official Facebook page.

Because they’ve been commented on / liked by so many people, the order’s now all out of whack – but lucky for us ABC journo Mohamed Taha pieced them together on ze Photoshop.

Waleed doesn’t even need to address all this BS, ‘cos his high-profile mates are doing a sterling job of it.

Photo: Duncan Killick / Men’s Style Australia.