The Pup From ‘Widows’ Is Easily 2018’s Best Breakthrough Actress

If you’ve had the chance to see the epic heist film Widows then you’ll know that the best acting doesn’t come from Viola DavisLiam Neeson, the terrifying work of Daniel Kaluuya, or our very own Elizabeth Debicki.

Nope, it comes from a cast member with no lines, four legs, and a weight of about 6.8kgs. Her name is Olivia and she’s an adorable West Highland terrier.

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Olivia plays the role of the dog/main support companion of Veronica Rawlins (Viola Davis) in the film, who becomes inseparable from her pooch after her husband (played by Neeson) is killed in a siege gone wrong. I mean there’s a *lot* more to this adorable, fluffy non-speaking character than emotional support and slight comic relief, but I don’t want to spoil the film for ya.

BUT there is one scene where Olivia’s fate hangs in the grips of a Very Bad Man and I was so incredibly close to yelling out “DON’T YOU DARE HURT HER” in the middle of a packed cinema. But it’s okay (mild spoiler) she doesn’t get hurt.

Widows is not the first time we’ve met sweet Olivia; she also played a role as a mangy mutt that turned into a gorgeous angel in Insatiable and was the precious pup that got covered in Jason Bateman‘s blood in Game Night. It’s pretty fair to say that wee Olivia has had a pretty big and busy 2018.

The three-year-old Westie was given her OWN TRAILER on the set of Widows, according to The Ringer, and managed to turn Viola Davis from being hesitant about working with a dog to straight-up wanting to keep her forever.

On her animal acting profile, Olivia is noted as a “walking stuffed animal” which is the most accurate description for this plush pup come to life, and her headshot card includes her with her ~stand in~ and tbh I cannot deal with how stupid cute this is.

widows dog
LOOK. (Image: Animal Casting Atlanta)

LOOK AT HER. The perfect angel who is too pure for this entire world, looking like a real-life version of ‘you vs. the one they told you not to worry about’ over here.

Anyway, between Olivia’s blockbuster year of acting and that adorable curly pup in A Star Is Born, it’s been a stellar year for scene-stealing pups in cinema. Give them all the awards and also change all the awards to big bowls of treats.