Even though we’re under a fortnight away from the start of winter, the temperatures in Sydney and Melbourne have definitely been acting as if it’s the start of autumn, with temperatures sitting pretty in the low to mid-20s over the weekend.

Turns out it’s not stopping anytime soon, with weather experts predicting the unseasonal warmth will continue through for the rest of the week, and maybe even right up until the season changes (well, at least according to the calendar on the wall.)

As per the Sydney Morning Herald, sea temperatures have been struggling to drop below 20º because colder warmer hasn’t been able to shift to the top of the ocean yet thanks to a high-pressure system keeping the chill at bay.

The same weather system is having effects in Melbourne as well, with many Melb folks warming their skin in the mild temperatures and warm sun over the weekend before the classic Melbourne winter kicks into gear.

The high-pressure system is blocking a cool change from sweeping across the southern state, allowing very little beyond short showers from falling in Victoria.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rod Dickson tells The Age that although the weird weather might seem out of sorts for this time of year, it’s not uncommon for the tail end of autumn to have a run of 20º+ days before the cold sets in.

It’s not unprecedented for May, we’ve had long stretches of days in the 20s before.

But it is a little bit unusual as we head towards late May. Runs above 20 are pretty common through the first half of the month, but they’re usually not more than a couple of days in a row in the second half of May.

So I guess the best bet is to just relish in the warmth before winter well and truly shows up, because god damn you’ll be missing that warmth when it’s single digits when you wake up of a morning.

Oh and Mildura, don’t chuck your togs in the back of the cupboard just yet, you’ll be hitting a top of 26º this week you lucky bastards.

Source: The Age
Image: The Simpsons / FOX