Why Can’t I Stop Watching These Primary School Kids Going Nuts Over “Old Town Road”

A bunch of little kids at Lander Elementary in Ohio have been sent into Beatles-level euphoria after Lil Nas X appeared at their school to perform Old Town Road.’

Last week the school’s principal Felicia Evans tweeted a video of the 5th grade talent show, featuring a bunch of kids losing it over Lil Nas’s hit song. That tweet went viral in a big way and was eventually seen by Lil Nas, who offered a free show.

Evans worked behind the scenes to organise the performance, eventually picking a date that coincided with an end-of-year magic show. Complex shadowed Lil Nas with a camera for the surprise performance and Evans can be heard telling Lil Nas she had told them she was about to do her “final magic trick.”

It is, I shit you now, an insane piece of footage. There is no justifiable reason why a song with lyrics about riding horses that ripped off a Nine Inch Nails song should trigger this sort of response from a bunch of small children other than the very simple answer: it slaps.

The kids just absolutely belt out every word of “Old Town Road” as if their little lives depend on it. It is the smallest pit you’ve ever seen, with almost every face loving it.

Tag yourself. I’m this kid:

But a lot of people are going wild over the kid in grey sweats.

The Complex video has been retweeted over 50,000 times and has 4.6 million views, while another version tweeted out by a random Twitter user has 95,000 retweets and 4.8 million views.

It all finishes with Lil Nas throwing a bunch of toy horses into the crowd. You’d like to think those would be worth a lot of money in the future, but who knows.