Even Mail-Order Loo Roll Company Who Gives A Crap Says It Has Totally Sold Out

Mail-order toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap says it has totally sold out of loo roll, marking a dramatic development in Australia’s needless panic buying frenzy.

In a statement released this morning, the direct-to-consumer firm announced it had cleared its inventory, save for products reserved for Who Gives A Crap’s subscription customers.

Those with running subscriptions can expect their products in the weeks to come, the company said.

“We also want to acknowledge that these are crazy times,” the statement said, referencing the way community fears for a widespread coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak have prompted shoppers to clear supermarket shelves.

“If you have spare rolls, see if your neighbours need some,” the company added.

In a separate statement last night, Who Gives A Crap co-founder Simon Griffiths said recent demand was eight times the average.

New South Wales is currently the biggest buyer, Griffiths said, adding that Mosman and Balmain, two of Australia’s wealthiest suburbs, are currently the biggest-buying postcodes.

The apparent raid on Who Gives A Crap’s supplies coincides with Australian mills upping production to keep up with demand.

Supermarket giant Woolworths has also instituted a four-pack limit for each shopper in-store and online.

The panic stems from community fears over the Covid-19 outbreak, after Australians were advised that anyone who comes into contact with someone sick with the virus ought to self-quarantine themselves for 14 days.

But Australia’s top health authorities have called for calm, saying there’s no reason for the stockpiling of household goods.

Speaking to ABC Melbourne on Monday, Australian Medical Association President Dr Tony Bartone said “Obviously there is an enormous amount of misinformation and concern and almost fear in certain parts of the community… But there’s no reason to go out and panic buy, you know, the almost bunker level materials at this present time.”

PEDESTRIAN.TV has contacted Who Gives A Crap for comment.