What We Know So Far About The Cause Of Sydney’s Fkd Northern Beaches COVID-19 Cluster

NSW Covid-19 cluster

Alright NSW, we’ve got a lot to work towards all of a sudden, and we’ve gotta do it together. We now have border restrictions being laid out and 28 brand new coronavirus cases as of Friday, so let’s not lose our collective shit and spike out of nowhere. To help understand just what is going on, let’s breakdown where exactly this new batch of cases came from. Of course, we don’t know everything just yet, but here’s every bit of info we know so far.

First off, out of the 28 new cases, 25 have been confirmed to be linked to Avalon RSL and Avalon Bowling Club alone. There’s been quite a bit of travel between the confirmed cases, but thankfully they’ve all been mostly contained to the northern beaches area. The only exception to this is Penrith RSL and the Sunshine Coast, after one woman in her 50s flew there on December 16.

So yeah, the boomers are getting around, but let’s examine it all from the very beginning. Just WTF is happening?

According to Gladys Berejiklian in a press release on Friday morning, the sudden spike is confirmed to be “linked to an international case”, but more information is still to come as to how the hell that ever happened to begin with. This was discovered thanks to genomic (DNA) testing.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, three individuals who attended Avalon RSL have been so far identified as the main super spreaders, and they are a woman in her 60s, a man in his 70s, and a man in his 60s who is the drummer for a band, who did quite a bit of travelling.

The drummer has been found to have performed at Penrith RSL and Kirribilli Club, which has lead to warnings being issued for folks that have attended either of those places to stay TF at home.

The woman in her 60s, on the other hand, is reported to have gone to the Avalon Bowling Club with a woman in her 50s, who works at Pittwater Palms retirement village. The woman in her 50s and her husband have both tested positive as well, which has caused concern for individuals at the retirement village.

“Our working hypothesis is that someone at the RSL club was potentially the source of infection for a number of subsequent cases,” NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said.

Dr Chant also pointed out that the local sewage has been tested in the area, and did not show any signs of being infected, so this is all a case of infection via contact.

Now for the doozy download of information, which comes from the official warnings about who should get tested based on the areas they have recently visited.

On Dec 13, a COVID-positive member of the RSL cluster Coast Palm Beach Cafe and Palm Beach change rooms.

Meanwhile, on Dec 14, a COVID-positive individual visited Sneaky Grind Cafe, Baramee Thai Massage and Spa and Avalon Beach on the same day.

Other locations visited in the span of just four days (Dec 13 – Dec 16) include Aldi Mona Vale, Woolworths Mona Vale, Chemist Warehouse, Commonwealth Bank, Mitre 10, Roof Racks World, HongFa BBQ Restaurant, Dee Why Fruit Market, Bangkok Sidewalk Restaurant, North Avalon Cellars, Careel Bay Dog Park, Brot and Wurst and Avalon Beach Post Shop.

A lot of movement for a bunch of infected people.

If you or a loved one have visited these areas in NSW recently, it is advised that you get tested straight away, and keep yourself inside your home. The lawn bowls can wait.