If, like around about half of the world’s population does, you don’t have a vagina you’d probably struggle to fathom the frequency of street harassment endured by people everyday purely for having said sex organ. Not convinced? Just watch this video. 

Billed as “Ten hours of silent walking, through all areas of Manhattan, wearing jeans and a crewneck t-shirt”, a PSA highlighting the impact of street harassment follows a woman silently walking through the streets of Manhattan with microphones in each hand while a secret camera hidden by an accomplice in front captures the catcalls made in her wake. 

The results won’t surprise any woman who has walked down the street before, but in ten hours of passive perambulation through a major metropolitan city, the woman suffered over 100 instances of verbal harassment and one massive creeper who silently walked beside her for four minutes after she refused to acknowledge him.  

The video was created for Hollaback, a campaign seeking to end street harassment, and is only slightly less unsettling than this one: