Here’s Everything That’s Open ANZAC Day If You’re Wondering How To Spend Your Day Off

ANZAC Day is the day on which we commemorate those who lost their lives on April 25 in Gallipoli. On this day, many things close out of respect for our fallen ANZACS — the tricky part is knowing what places don’t pack up shop.

On April 25, 1915, approximately 8,141 Aussies and Kiwis died storming the beaches of Turkey’s Gallipoli. The men landed further away from their original target and were easily mowed down from the higher ground present at their new destination.

As the years have passed, fewer Aussies have kept an affinity for ANZAC Day. Memories of glorious battles have been superseded by the tragic reminder that so many lives were lost in the name of a pointless war. The storming of Gallipoli especially stands as a prime example of a (literal) uphill battle, which did not need to take place but did.

And so, many younger people — especially those with no familial connections to the war — take the holiday and look upon the day as something that very few people should be proud of. Others, however, are utterly devoted to using the day to reflect on old-time values of “valour”, “bravery” and “sacrifice”. To each their own.

So let’s see what exactly is open on this Aussie public holiday.

What shops are open on ANZAC Day?


Need some last-minute ANZAC tinsel for your ANZAC tree? Unfortunately for you, not every state will swing their supermarket doors open for you.

Coles and Woolies will be open in NSW, ACT and Vic from 1pm. All stores will also be open in Tassie but from 12:30pm. They like to be different down there.

Most Coles and Woolies will be closed in WA (but please check if this includes your local) and only a few stores will close up in SA.

All Woolies stores are open in NT but all Coles stores only open the gates at 12pm.

Meanwhile, Qld is completely CLOSED for business.

Big Retailers

Mummy (me) needs her weekly stroll through Big W and Kmart so I can one day take people through my house and watch them gasp in horror when I tell them my gorgeous living room is 100% Anko products.

Sorry to my friends in WA and Qld, but your dreams of hot home decor shopping will have to wait until Wednesday, as all Kmarts and Big Woolworthseses will be closed.

Every other state and territory will have reduced Big W hours.

As for Kmart, things get a bit more complex.

NSW stores open from 1:30pm, Vic and Tas open from 1pm and most stores will be closed in SA and the NT (and if they aren’t, they’ll swing open the doors from 1pm).

Can you still get food or drinks on ANZAC Day?


I have no idea what a two-up is and at this point, I’m too afraid to ask.

Nevertheless, I hear multiple pubs across our country will be open for folks to gather ’round and legally gamble. After all, it’s what the fallen soldiers would have wanted, right?


Are you sitting by the window waiting for your husband to return from the war?

Want to send him a letter telling him that you’ve cheated on him at least five times while he polishes pistols with the boys?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to do so. But hey, at least you have time to compose the perfect message.

Food Delivery

Menulog, Uber Eats and your other associated food delivery apps are still functioning, and whatever restaurants that’ll be open (it really is a case-by-case kinda thing) will still sling you tasty treats as normal.

You might have a little extra wait, of course. After all, it is a public holiday and I can’t imagine many people are keen on cooking.

What else is open on ANZAC Day?


Most cinemas will be open as anything on ANZAC Day.

So go on and pay your respects to the real soldiers of our times — the teenagers who clean the abhorrent messes we leave on the cinema floors once we’re done watching John Wick.


BWS and Dan Murphy’s will be open nationally from 1pm and will close around 7pm.

After all, what is an Aussie public holiday without the encouraged consumption of alcohol?


Payments? Processed? On MY ANZAC Day? Get the fuck outta here with that nonsense.

All banks will be closed on this public holiday.