Melburnians have just been granted our first little taste of freedom and are now allowed to travel 25km from home, as opposed to the previous limit of 5km. So you can finally do all of Briiighton, go to the Tan and head to a beach that isn’t in St. Kilda (because ew).

So how can you actually figure out what is and isn’t inside your 25km? There’s actually a few ways to figure it out, and it’s a lot easier than you might think.

But before you get too excited and think you can head down to your beach house, the 25km radius only applies to metropolitan Melbourne. You cannot go to regional Victoria and vice versa. So a girls trip to Daylesford is firmly off the cards!

KM from home

This website is my personal favourite tool to use when measuring the 25km, as it’s super user-friendly. It was created by Irish developer Dave Bolger who created it shortly after Ireland introduced a radius rule in late March.

The url says, but it can be used to measure pretty much any km radius you want to test out. I tried 100km and it took me all the way to Ballarat and Anglesea, which then made me sad because I can’t go there…but still pretty cool.

The Victorian Government website

Did you know that there’s actually a Vic Gov coronavirus website? No? Well you do now. The website is filled with useful information like an interactive map telling you how far 25km is from your home, and includes the roadmap for reopening. You can check it out here. 

Google Maps

If you want to measure the straight-line distance between you and a particular location, Google Maps has a tool for that.

On the Google Maps app, click on your location and then hit ‘Measure distance’ and drop the pin to literally anywhere, and I mean anywhere. I tried Engadine McDonald’s and it was 683.80km from my home.

On desktop, it’s the same principle, but you need to right click on your location and then hit ‘Measure distance’.

The Age

Similarly to the interactive map created by the Victorian Government, The Age have one too. You can access it here.

For some people the 25km may not be the outcome you were hoping for, especially for those around the bottom end of Port Philip Bay whose 25km radius is literally just water. RIP.

But as Dandrews said today, “We have come too far – sacrificed too much – to give up now. We are so close.”

We can do this Melbourne!