This Gov Safety PSA About Putting Yr Feet On The Dashboard Is Super Hectic

Crash test dummy footage is forever horrific. The sight of limbs flying around and the harsh reality of high-speed car accidents is an incredibly sobering experience, and very much something we need to be confronted with regularly so we don’t do stupid shit, like drink-drive and speed.

While we’re all very aware that wearing seatbelts and driving sensibly is insanely important – there’s some stuff we do that we (probs) literally had no idea was incredibly dangerous.

Things like… putting your feet up on the dash as the passenger.

I can’t recall one single time I’ve been on a road trip and not hoiked my footsies up onto the dash. Hell, I just got back from a road trip ’round WA and spent 90% of the time with my feet up there.

Not anymore though. Not after watching this PSA from NSW Road Safety.

“She would have horrific facial fractures, may well have sustained a brain injury,” says Dr. John Crozier in the video, which has since been shared by NSW Police Force on Facebook.

“We also saw her submarine underneath the lap component of the seatbelt and that may have resulted in catastrophic organ injuries. Torn gut, torn aorta – the main artery.”

It’s a sobering warning and one that’s particularly relevant given it’s summer, and summer is for beach road trips.

Put your feet on the floor where they belong mates, K?