All The Dogs At The Westminster Dog Show That Are Totally Done With Yr Shit

The annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is currently in full swing over in New York City and while you might be seeing a bunch of stories about how adorable and totally perfect these dogs are, let me tell you one thing they absolutely 100% all are: they’re all god damn tired of your shit.

I’m not saying that these pups aren’t all extremely good boys and girls; hell, if anything they’re phenomenally good because they’ve gotta spend all freakin’ week being preened and pruned by their humans when truly all they want to do is sniff some butts, chew on some stuff, and have a three-hour-long nap in the afternoon sun.

So please, take absolute pleasure in looking at all of these very-fed-up pups, just wanting a five minute period where they’re not being brushed, please.

This large fluffy thing that I actually think might be a bear? Unimpressed as hell.

The humans? Stoked. The big hound and small beagle? Absolutely off it.

How’s this Irish Setter Diamond, who’s just like “c’mon Denise I just want to go for a run in the park.”

These three angels who are unequivocally over it.

“For Christ’s sake human why the hell have you put this dumb hat on me?”

This baby has seen some real shit, my dudes. Some real shit.

This irish setter looks like they’re going to do a literal murder if they have to get another damned mani.

Do not be fooled by Flynn, this prize-winning bichon frise – he is 100% a tiny ball of pure rage.

I don’t know who this angel is but I think they’re waiting for their partner to get home from war.

You can’t see the eyes of this pup but I can assure you that they’re blasting out pure hatred from their tiny little peepers because someone’s given them this cooked curly mohawk and wtf is happening with the ears there?

Now that’s a thousand-yard stare if I’ve ever seen one. This vizsla is so over it that they’ve just totally tuned out.