Wesley Snipes, Actual Tax Criminal, Goes In On Trump For His Tax Returns

Wesley Snipes probably has good reason to be mildly pissed with Donald Trump. If you watched the debate the other day, you’ll remember that Trump made a big point about how his skill at exploiting the nation’s laws to pay as little tax as possible was ultimately just good business.

You might remember that Snipes is intimately familiar with the slings and arrows of American tax law. The Blade star spent three years in prison for filing false tax returns, and was released in 2013.
It probably stings a little that Snipes’ career is basically decimated over – ahem – creative tax filing whereas Trump is running for Prez. Snipes still maintains he had shitty accountants.

THE DAYWALKER. Clearly at some point in prison, Snipes began to believe that he is literally Blade. Which is correct – he is.
Compelling case. He also made a strong pitch for a Snipes presidency which I personally find quite convincing.

Meanwhile, no reply from The Don, who presumably does not care.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Marvel.