Glen Eira City Council’s Tucker Ward now has a new candidate running for the spot of top dog, and it’s Wesley. Encouraging the people to “vote with your heart, not with your head,” Wesley aims to gather votes for the spot of council member. Oh, and he’s a dog.

Posting to Facebook about his goals to expand dog parks, abolish cats and allow dogs on the bed, Wesley has been making it clear that while some people may laugh at his lofty ambitions, he is driven to the cause.

He’s also a stout defender of LGBTQ+ rights, so I know who I would be voting for if I was in Glen Eira.

“It takes too long to drive to the beach and I like to go to the beach and that means that sometimes I don’t get to go to the beach,” Wesley wrote in his first-ever post to Facebook.

“My first task for council is to make sure that the good humans of Glen Eira can have a beach in all of our backyards.”

I for one stan Wesley and his commitment to defending LGBTQ+ rights.

On the official Wesley for Tucker Ward Facebook page, the canine candidate describes his goals quite simply.

“Glen Eira needs change. Expand Dog Parks. Abolish Cats. Let me on the bed,” his page description reads.

Not only is Wesley an unbelievably cute candidate running in the political race, he has also made it his mission to ban clouds, which he boasts has been pretty successful recently.

“As many of you remember I have fought hard to ban cloudy days from Glen Eira and I am proud to say we have had some beautiful sun today,” Wesley wrote on Facebook.

“Imagine what we can do if I am elected so please go out and enjoy the sun this weekend but remember to keep your social distance.”

Honestly I stan a social distancing king who chases the clouds away.

Wesley also promises council grants for 24/7 vet visits, free dog treat dispensers at every park, new water restrictions that allow for water bowls to be filled up at any time, and massive park expansions.

Truly, we stan.