A Gold Coast fitness company has copped an almighty flaming on social media after sharing a video of a customer twerking on top of Uluru while wearing some of its branded gear.

Werkit fitness posted the video, showing a woman “repping” the brand on “one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks”, late this week, but swiftly pulled it down as the backlash began brewing.

A screenshot was shared on the Facebook group Decolonise Feminism, where the “thoughtless” and “crass” attempt at promo was met with disgust and outrage.

“There are so many levels of grossness here I’m pretty lost for words,” said the caption. “The level of disrespect this is showing to our land and its traditional owners is absolutely disgusting.”

“They [wouldn’t] go into Salisbury Cathedral or similar and do that,” one user wrote, “so [they] should pay the same respect for Uluru.”

“It’s ridiculously stupid behavior,” said another. “When you go to Uluru everyone there tells you that it’s highly disrespectful to climb it. You cannot claim ignorance, you are always told.”

Werkit, which advertises “dance fitness and booty building classes” at four locations around the Gold Coast, has wiped its Instagram clean of the image.

The dance studio has yet to respond to or address the criticism, although its social media channels are presently being flooded with angry comments so it may not be too long.

The traditional owners of Uluru, the local Anangu people, have asked that visitors not climb the rock, as it is sacred in their culture, and climbing is not permitted under traditional law.

The climb is set to close permanently in 2019, with visitors are encouraged to walk around the base of the natural monument instead, although that clearly still doesn’t stop things like this from happening.

Source: Daily Mail
Image: Getty Images / Education Images