Weird Unit Bill Murray Spotted Nicking Someone’s Chips At An Airport

There’s an elaborate mythology that has developed around actor/cool guy Bill Murray and his bizarre, unverifiable pranks. Urban legends abound that he does things like giving people noogies in elevators, or whispering in peoples’ ears on trains, before telling them that no one will ever believe it happened.

Well, looks like we’ve finally secured some proof of at least one of his stunts. According to Reddit user Sonowthatimhere, Bill Murray was dropping a mate off at Martha’s Vineyard Airport when he swooped into the food court and nicked some chippies. A low and dog act in normal circumstances, but we’ll let it slide this time.
There it is. The golden proof which vindicates all those yarns about Bill Murray being a deeply, deeply strange man.
Source: Reddit.
Photo: Reddit / Sonowthatimhere.