Man, designing logos seems tough. 

If you don’t accidentally make your logo look like two sets of genitals smanging, there’s a huge chance you could accidentally make your simple, classy, minimalist logo look exactly like another company’s. 

When we were watching the truly exciting teaser trailer for the second ‘Trainspotting’ movie today, we couldn’t help but notice a rather startling similarity…

Did anyone else notice that the movie’s logo – which is ‘T2’ – is pretty much identical to our very own Aussie tea shop, T2?


This logo is for the Aussie tea shop, that began in Melbourne in the mid-90s:

And this is the logo for ‘T2: Trainspotting 2‘:

YIKES. Not the best.

Turns out we weren’t the only ones who thought it, either:

How strange is this, though – both the original movie ‘Trainspotting‘ came out, and T2’s first store in Melbourne opened in 1996. WEIRD!

We’re not entirely sure how the health-conscious tea chain will feel being forever aligned with Scottish drug addicts injecting skag into their forearms and pooing themselves, but hey – that’s not for us to say. 

Photo: T2 / Trainspotting.