A Weird Ass Creature Has Washed Up On Bondi Beach & Robert Irwin Come Pick Me Up, I’m Scared

weird stingray/shark like creature on Bondi Beach

A weird creature of the deep has washed up on Bondi Beach in Sydney, though whether its home is deep in the ocean or deep in space is yet to be confirmed. That’s right friends, it’s alien time.

10 News shared a video of the creature which they described as “alien-like” on Twitter. The creature was surrounded by Bondi locals giving their two cents on what it could possibly be. A bird? A plane? A physical manifestation of all your deepest nightmares?

One person can be heard saying the creature is a “horn shark” but my non-expert opinion says that they are wrong. Why? Because I Googled it. And horn sharks look different. Soz. Just look at the thing!

The creature appears to be some sort of shark/stingray type thing, but it also has a beak? Or at least, I think it’s a beak. Could also be shark genital flaps. Who knows? Not me.

Responses on Twitter hypothesise that the creature is kinda like the infamous blob fish, in that it’s become unrecognisable due to losing all its structure after being removed from deep ocean pressure.

I really hope this is not the case because every time I see a blob fish and remember what they’re actually supposed to look like, I cry. Leave those poor fish in the sea!!! Stop bringing them to the surface and rupturing their innards just to call them ugly!! Absolute sickos.

Anyway, back to figuring out what this creature is.

It seems to have a wide top area and then its body tapers down without any visible fins, furthering my disfigured stingray theory.

I know some of you are thinking “this one’s for Steve Irwin” but I want you to know that man would have protected this alleged stingray at all costs!!! He would forgive the stingrays and so should you.

Anyway, there’s yet to be any official word on what the alien-shark-stingray hybrid is. Someone get Robert Irwin on this stat.