Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Sold A Comedy Pilot Inspired By Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo

Whatever the college rock frontman equivalent of a mid-life crisis is, Rivers Cuomo is in the middle of possibly the biggest one of all time. The Weezer frontman has been spearheading the group spitting out albums with – let’s call them “odd” – album titles and artwork over the past few years. And now it looks like he’s doing that thing where he looks back at his life, laughs and says “My life should be a sitcom, I swear.”

Except that he’s actually making that sitcom and it does look largely inspired by himself.
Cuomo, along with fellow co-producer Steve Franks (who previously created Pysch) have put together a pilot called DeTour, which has now been subsequently sold to the Fox Network in the US.
DeTour supposedly revolves around “a thirtysomething rock star who, unable to rationalize his success and worried that he may not have the tools to repeat it, walks away from the spotlight at the height of his fame in an effort to rediscover the parts of his life he missed while he was busy becoming a massive success.” Because if there’s one thing that’s funny and relatable, it’s being an Ivy League-educated musician and leaving your multi-million dollar band to try and re-learn how to be a normal person. Boy! If I had a dollar…
There’s no guarantee that the series is going to get picked up – at this stage, only the pilot has gone to Fox. But if it does, expect to see the trials and tribulations of a rich, successful man who’s had enough of touring the world and playing music sometime in 2015 at the earliest.
Photo: Theo Wargo via Getty Images.