Very High Houston Resident Surprised To Find Live Tiger In Abandoned House

One of the more pronounced effects of being really, really fucking baked is just how alien everything can seem. Perfectly normal objects become impossible to understand. Perfectly ordinary conversations become impossible to keep track of. Perfectly regular phones become impossible to use. Things that are entirely unremarkable become confronting, sometimes terrifying. What will really fuck you up is coming across something that is, in fact, conversely, remarkable.

I had a hard enough time after eating a bunch of edibles, going for a bushwalk, and subsequently coming across an echidna, so I have nothing but respect for this person in Houston who came across a live tiger in an abandoned house.

According to a report from TV network KPRC, an “anonymous tipster” told the Houston Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care that he had entered the house in order to smoke weed and saw the animal locked in a cage in the garage. According to Houston Police Department, the person who made the tip initially believed themselves to be hallucinating, which I guess only makes sense. This was a sentiment seemingly shared by Houston Police Department’s Sergeant Jason Alderete: “We questioned them as to whether they were under the effects of the drugs or they actually saw a tiger.

When authorities arrived, they found the tiger in a cage that was too small for the animal, in addition to several packages of meat.

USA Today is reporting that the tiger was moved from the home to BARC headquarters, where it is under constant surveillance while being kept in a horse trailer. The BARC is still trying to locate a permanent home for the tiger.

Chief of staff of Houston’s Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department Lara Cottingham said that the tiger was relatively healthy when they found her, although quite thirsty. Cottingham told USA Today that they had taken to calling the tiger ‘Danielle‘.