Wee Little Possum Fare Evades On Melbourne Tram Like A Fuzzy Crim

Look at this guy.

Bloody look at him. Brazenly clinging onto the pole of a tram without even attempting to touch on his Myki.
A criminal of the highest order. A blight on the city. A filthy scab leeching off the public teat as yet more taxpayer dollars are wasted on reprehensible, unadulterated DISHONESTY. Absolutely despicable.
Unless he’s within the Free Tram Zone, then he’s all sweet.
This photo of a little ringtail possum hitching a ride on a Melbourne tram was snapped by a commuter last night, perhaps curious as to exactly where the possum could be hitching a ride.
Could he be hot-stepping it from Flagstaff Gardens down to the Botanical Gardens area for a hot date?
Maybe he heard rumour of a tree without tin wrapped around it in the shadow of Melbourne Museum?
Perhaps he’s just on the tram for a ride around town; hanging out quietly for a bit; only the rattle and ding of the C-Class vessel his only soundtrack; alone with his thoughts for a while…
Meaghan Thomas, Senior Keeper at the Melbourne Zoo, spoke to 3AW earlier today to offer up a theory on how he came to get on board.

“I’m thinking something along the lines of where they dock the trams at night time, potentially at the depot with the doors open… he’s just gotten out, a little bit curious, climbed on the tram and taken a little spot nice and cosy under a seat to have a snooze.”

Buddy, after one too many froth dogs at Friday knock-offs, we have all bloody well been there.

‘Course if it was a brushtail possum then it’d deserve no less than life in jail. The horrible possum jail.

Source: 3AW.
Photo: UterZorker/Imgur.