Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the weather has been fuuuuuucking cold for the east coast of Australia lately. Yes, it’s winter which for normal countries is the coldest season of the year. But it’s Australia! It barely dips below 20 degrees in Sydney in winter! We’re not used to this kind of treatment from mother nature!

The good news for all my frozen girlies is that warmer temperatures are on the way. That’s right, weather experts say we can expect the end of this week to be a lot less icy than it has been. I can feel my toes thawing at these very words.

The knowledgable weather kings at the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) reckon that by Thursday in Sydney, it will hit a glorious 20 degrees, and the weekend see a peak of 18 degrees. Not too shabby after the “Feels like 3.9 degrees” I’ve been dealing with on my weather app recently.

Meanwhile in sunny Queensland, it will be 24 degrees in Brisbane by Thursday with temps over 20 degrees all weekend. So, normal winter weather programming in the Sunshine State.

In Melbourne, the weather is of course a tad cooler. But after weeks of Melburnians enduring 10 degrees or under, it will be a balmy 15 degrees by Thursday. So perhaps only one thermal is needed rather than layering up 17?

Even cold little Hobart is looking at 15 degrees on Thursday, while over in Adelaide the mercury will be peaking at 18 degrees on Saturday.

We’re not mentioning Western Australia or the Northern Territory because the weather is always rudely perfect in those parts.

While it is winter and cold temperatures are normal, it’s nice that the weather gods have blessed us with a warm reprieve for a coupla days. Our heaters and electricity bills deserve a break, after all.