We Wrote A Speech To Mark Pedestrian’s 10th Birthday And You’re In It

While most of you will know us for www.pedestrian.tv, our 24/7 pop culture

news and creative jobs, Pedestrian was actually born a decade ago with the launch

of the world’s first ‘plastizine.’ In the lead up to Pedestrian’s 10th birthday Love

Hotel celebrations, presented by Contiki & STUDIOCANAL’s ‘We Are Your Friends’ our

co-founder’s Chris Wirasinha & Oscar Martin put together a little speech for

everyone who’s helped to get Pedestrian to 10 years. 

First of all, we’d like to thank you, our beloved readers – without you we wouldn’t have survived 10 years. 
Thanks for letting us into your lives, web browsers and news feeds as we attempt to keep you entertained and *slightly* more educated about both the high and lowbrow sides of pop-culture. We don’t always get it right ¯_(“~)_/¯ , but thank you for your patience with us, as we keep developing and broadening our editorial offering to give you the coverage you truly deserve. 
Ever since PEDESTRIAN.TV was born, our lives have been filled with talented people who have been so generous with their time, skills and love. Without those people, we wouldn’t be here tonight. Thank you. 
We’d also like to thank our parents and families for their love, support and encouragement. From allowing us to set up our early “offices” in the bedrooms, basements and living rooms of their homes, to the countless words of wisdom and advice – they’ve always been there for us since day one. 
Our many adventures have allowed us to meet countless exceptional people and make so many valued friends. To all of our clients and everyone from the agencies we work with, thank you for believing in Pedestrian and allowing us to push the creative boundaries of publishing and advertising. 
Lastly and most importantly, thanks to all our staff past and present. Thank you for your hard work, passion, creativity, dedication and the many great memories we’ve shared. All of you are the reason we’re here celebrating 10 successful years and the many more we know are yet to come. 
We want our birthday to be a celebration of love, friendship and creativity. 
Thank you for being part of our story!
– OC 
(Oscar + Chris)