We Gathered Offensively Beautiful Folk To Celebrate Our A+ Island Home

The offensively beautiful people that comprise the Swedish population receive little to no sunlight for a large chunk of the year. So as you can imagine, things get somewhat real when summer comes around and the sun decides to make an appearance (however brief it may be). The love for the sun explains why Australia shares such a strong kinship with the Swedes – we’re all about summer and welcome those who are equally as enthusiastic about the season with open arms. PEDESTRIAN.TV thought it high-time we took our relationship with the country to ~the next level~ and subsequently partnered with Rekorderlig Cider to throw an epic Australia Day blowout. Needless to say, the recovery is real. 

Yesterday literally had the potential to be a complete wash out – however, despite every weather forecast, the sun powered through and shone for the entirety of our Oz Day shindig (praise be, Thor/affiliated Nordic Gods, etc). It all went down in a disgustingly chic waterfront mansion on Sydney‘s Narrabeen Beach, where we wiled away the day wolfing down Woofy’s hotdogs (SO. MANY. CONDIMENTS.) + tacos, and quenched ourselves with Rekorderlig Festival Cider 6.5%. We got wet, both in the pool and to the sounds of Mansionair when they performed a sneaky ‘lil set. And, just like any good house party, the kitchen/dining room dance floor was in fine form, as we boogied along to everyone’s fave music countdown, all the way to number one. Confetti was thrown, then Bieber was played, and we all had a merry summer’s day. 
Photos: James Ambrose / James Ambrose Photography