Um, You Can Cop A $337 Fine & 3 Demerits Over This Driving Rule About Waving From Your Car

Bad news for everyone who feels the need to profusely thank other cars every time they drive. It turns out, you can cop a nasty fine for waving while driving.

Did you know driving is much like a rollercoaster in the sense that you have to keep your limbs inside the vehicle at pretty much all times? That includes waving thanks to a fellow driver with your arm outside the window.

According to insurance company Budget Direct, you can cop an on the spot fine of $337 and lose three demerit points if you’re caught.

“Even winding down the window and stretching your arm outside to cool down could also get you in trouble,” the company said, per 7News.

In a big ‘ol yikes, the penalties apply for drivers and passengers too. Hey, the more ‘ya know.

The only exception to the rule is if you’re signalling that you’re stopping, slowing down or turning right. So if you haven’t mastered the art of doing a thank you wave in the rearview mirror, now is absolutely the time to get on it.

Who TF has $300 to drop on a waving fine this soon after Christmas?

A Victorian man was fined $155 back in 2017 because his arm was hanging out of his car window while driving, so it’s deffo better to be safe than sorry.

I know it’s stinking hot at the moment, but maybe just crank up the aircon instead of risking the ‘ol arm-on-the-car-window manoeuvre.

And in case you’re planning any post-Xmas, pre-New Years’ Eve roadtrips, be warned that a bunch of states have double demerits in force at the moment too.

The ACT and New South Wales kicked off their double demerits on December 23 and they’ll be in place until January 3. You’ll get double demerit points for illegally using a phone, not wearing your seat belt, riding a motorbike without a helmet and for speeding.

If you’re in Western Australia, double demerits last until January 8.

Obviously you should be driving safely double demerits or no double demerits. But here’s a friendly summer reminder to keep your hands on the wheel and not out the window as well.