WATCH: X-Files Drops Extensive Behind-The-Scenes Teaser For New Series

Holy tapdancing hell, you guys. The new season of The X-Files is almost here.

The revival miniseries – a six episode affair – will premiere in the US on Sunday, January 24th, and the promotional wheels are a’turnin’.
Though beyond simply dropping teaser after teaser for the new season, producers of the show have instead gifted us all this incredibly sprawling, extensive, behind-the-scenes featurette that at once catches everyone up to speed on the phenomena that is the OG X-Files series, as well as sheds a light on things to come.
The 21-minute video, among other things, gives a brief history on Agents Mulder and Scully and their complicated relationship. And it also charges headlong into the new miniseries, giving us a glimpse at some of the new additions to the cast (Hey kids! It’s TV’s Joel McHale!) and the direction we could well be heading in.
For superfans, it’s a must-watch. For causal fans curious about the new episodes, it’s also very handy viewing.
In fact, even if you have no interest in the show at all, there are absolutely worse ways to spend a casual 20-odd minutes.
Get involved. The truth is in here.

Urge to do naught but listen to the theme song and play air piano along with it until the premiere date: Rising.
The X-Files special miniseries will air locally on Channel Ten.