WATCH: Wyatt Roy Tries To Explain What The Blue Hell He Was Doing In Iraq

Of all the utterly baffling stories that have emerged from the constantly surprising shitstorm that is our highly beloved #auspol, “26-year-old Liberal MP loses his seat in an election and then turns up on a Kurdish resistance frontline in Iraq in a gun battle against ISIS 3 months later” has got to take the bloody cake.
But for whatever reason, as weird or stupid or completely mystifying as it may be, that is what has happened to now-former Liberal MP Wyatt Roy.
Roy somehow found himself dodging bullets from ISIS forces whilst visiting Kurdish Peshmerga efforts in the disputed Domez region of Northern Iraq.
A real thing that has actually happened.
After being dragged over the coals today by just about every politician who had a microphone put in front of their face (their verdict? He’s a fool) Roy appeared on ‘The Project‘ a short while ago to attempt to explain exactly what the absolute living fuck he was doing hanging out in inarguably one of the world’s most dangerous locations; one that just about all western government expressly warns citizens against travelling to.
Speaking via Skype from Dubai, Roy… uh… look, he tried to explain his reasons for being there. But he kinda really didn’t explain anything at all, much to the very clear annoyance of host Waleed Aly, who also took the opportunity to journalistically chastise Roy for such a risky move.
In a tense moment, the pair verbally butted heads with Roy explaining that him being caught in gunfire on the frontline of an active battle between Peshmerga and ISIS was “extremely unlucky” (yeah fkn right), and Aly positing the cost, both in terms of time and money, that would’ve been incurred to Australian forces should something unthinkable happen to Roy whilst in that situation.

“In terms of the travel advice, I have enormous respect for the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and the advice that they provide, but it is very different to the advice that is provided by the United States, or the United Kingdom.

Look m8, I’m not fancy big city foreign affairs expert, but I’d be willing to be the house on the fact that the US and UK’s advice about travelling to Iraq revolves primarily around a recurring theme of “don’t fucking do it.”

Source: The Project/Twitter.