Less than a week after the glorious arrival of the Gaynetto, the boffins over at Zumbo Patisserie have shaken up the game once more. 

In a fkn drool-worthy vid posted on their Facebook page, those maestros have teased the creation of the Golden Gaytime Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich, which is almost too perfect a combination of words.

The visual is even better. Look at it. LOOK AT IT.


That madness will be available for your over-eager tastebuds at the Smooth Festival of Chocolate, which is a real thing, and it’s happenin’ this weekend at The Rocks in Sydney.

Until we can insert it in / around our mouths, we’ll just have to console ourselves with the still-imperious Gaynetto. Have a gander at our expert take on that cone of plenty:

Source and photo: Zumbo Patisserie / Facebook.