Forget the hyper-intense ads of road safety campaigns past: the Victorian government’s latest attempt to scare drivers off taking illicit drugs relies on shamey stares from nanna.
The new spot highlights Victoria Police’s use of roadside drug tests, which can pick up trace amounts of illicit substances even if the driver is no longer intoxicated.
Of course, the powers that be don’t believe that to be enough of a deterrent, so they’ve couched the ad with the concept that being nabbed on Monday for smoking a joint on Saturday will deeply disappoint your septuagenarian of choice.
Even Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is leaning on the angle, imploring viewers not to “break your grandma’s heart.”

This ad is just the latest attempt to spruik the highly-contentious roadside tests as a means of discouraging drivers from taking to the roads after (and often, way after) taking drugs.
As if ol’ Prudence didn’t rack ’em up before calling shotgun, tho.

Source and photo: @DanielAndrewsMP / Twitter.